Our History

Since 350 years our Durga Puja of Banerjee and Ghatak family has been celebrated every year. Most of the family members of Banerjee and Ghatak family stay and settled outside of the village, but at the time of Durga Puja they came to their root village. Though we have documentary evidence on our Puja which is more than 350 years old, but it is being heard that our Puja is more than 700 years old. The histories of our Puja are as follows:

Shri Rajib Lochan Banerjee who lived in the village Borobelun nearby of our village had only son Shri Iswar Banerjee. Shri Iswar Banerjee had two sons Bireswar Banerjee and Benimadhab Banerjee. They started to live at that time at the village Ghoradanga. At that time a marital relationship took place between Ghatak family and Banerjee family. Shri Benimadhab Banerjee son of Shri Iswar Banerjee got married to the only daughter of Aditya Nath Ghatak. In the mean time a court case fight occured between the King of Burdwan and Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak and in this court case Shri Ghatak was lost. As a result Ghatak family falls into an enormous financial crisis. There was no son of Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak. He adopts a male child. It is being heard that if the number of animal sacrificing reaches one lakh then the dynasty went finish. It seems that the animal sacrificing had been reached one lakh at the time of Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak. From that time Durga Puja has been mutually organized between Banerjee Family and Ghatak family. Since then, in a sort of pact both families were decided that Durga Puja will be organized by both of them. Ghatak family will sponsor only the Nabami day puja and the rest part of Puja will be sponsored by Banerjee Family. In accordance with the tradition, till now Banerjee Families sponsors all the expenditure except Navami day and Ghatak Families sponsors all the expenditures of Navami day in DurgaPuja. Though, the members of both families work with full responsibilities during Durga Puja.

It is heard that the buffalo had been sacrificed at the time of Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak. However it had been stopped at the later time of Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak for some unknown reason. Nevertheless the goat has been sacrificed on the day of Saptami, Ashtami and Navami till now. Earlier, the clay Idol of Goddess Durga was made by the family of Late Adhir Mistry, now it is continuing by the family of Late Sashthi Mistry. Every year in the day of Rath Yatra and Janmastami, the journey is initiated for making the Durga Idol. The eye of Devi Durga is sketched in the day of Mahalaya. The water filled copper pot has been coming in the early morning of Sasthi, Saptami. Traditionally, the “Sankalpa” made in the name of the eldest of the family. Now-a-days Shri Rash Behari Banerjee is the eldest of this family. Durga Puja performs in two myths , “Shakto” and “Krishna” . Goat sacrificing rituals have been maintained by using the myths of “Shakto” and other Puja rituals have been maintained by using the myths of Krishna . After sacrificing of goat the wives and married daughters of Banerjee and Ghatak family play with vermilion (a symbol of marriage worn by Hindu women thereafter, this play is termed as “Sindoor Khela”) in front of the Goddess of Durga.
In the days of Saptami, Ashtami and Navami, every villager of Ghoradanga has been served their lunch with the Prasad of Devi Durga in Durga Dalan (temple) these three days. In the afternoon of Dashami the water filled copper pot of Devi Durga has been immersed in the water of the pond, “Talbona”, it is termed as “Ghot Bisarjan”. It is heard, long years ago, at the time of “Ghot Bisarjan”, both family members observed to fly Brahminy Kite (Sankhachil) in the sky. 
In the evening of Dashami, the family of Late Pagla Hazra takes the responsibility for immersing of Devi Durga Idol. In the pond, “Talbona”, they immersed the Idol of Devi Durga.
History of “Pala” (Puja responsibility and sponsorship) Distribution of Banerjee Family ::
If you see our family tree then you will see that Shri Iswar Banerjee has two sons - Shri Bireswar and Shri Benimadhav. Shri Benimadhav got married to the daughter of Shri Aditya Nath Ghatak. After distribution of the sponsorship of Puja between Banerjee and Ghatak family. Shri Bireswar Banerjee starts to sponsor our Durga Puja on behalf of Banerjee family. Shri Bireswar has five sons. They are Shri Sashibhusan, Shri Kantibhusan, Shri Ashutosh, Shri Jyotindranath and Shri Anukul.
However Shri Bireswar Banerjee distributed the Pala among his four sons Shri Sashibhusan, Shri Kantibhusan, Shri Ashutosh and Shri Anukul. Due to some unknown reason Shri Jyotindranath had not been provided any responsibility to continue the “Pala”. After that time downline tree of each son of Shri Bireswar are continuing their responsibility and sponsorship with the gap of four years according to the tree. This year that means the “Pala” in the year 2017 will be continued by the downline tree of Shri Sashibhusan.