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I feel proud to be a member of the Banerjee family at Ghoradanga. It is my dream to do something on my root village. My main intention of launching this website is to spot our root village to the outer world and generating a relation amongst all the members of the Banerjee family present right now. I am also searching the member of Banerjee family that is missing from our family tree. I have no information about the other sons Shri Bamalochan and Shri Trilochan Banerjee of Shri Ram Dulal Banerjee, who lived in Borobelun. If anybody knows about them please inform me.

I am really thankful to all the members of Banerjee and Ghatak family, our website viewers' and all well wishers, without the help of those, launching of this website was very difficult.

Apart from the above, I am really grateful to Mr. Somnath Banerjee (one of the member of Banerjee family) for designing profile photo of the website and for giving me some exclusive idea.

The family tree has been redesigned and it is inherited from the family tree that had been made by Mr. Shib Sankar Banerjee (One of the Member of Banerjee family). I am very much grateful to him, without his consistent effort, the redesigning and inheriting of this family tree was very difficult.

I have made an effort to keep all the records free from any fault issues and any wrong information. If a fault occurs I apologize for that. I further request to all the members if anyone found any faults please convey me through e-mail or any other communication mode. If anyone thinks that some records that has been overlooked please convey me with the proper information.

Warm regards,

Sandip Banerjee

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